FreeCodeCamp: Calculator

Finally I decided to go back to the Calculator challenge. I have been putting it off because I had no interest in building a calculator. I did it before for a windows app, so I guess it didn’t excite me.

Anyway, I ran into this error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘name’ of undefined

I knew I didn’t have ‘name’ variable anyway, but what can I do? I decided to comment out the new code I added and reran and when that didn’t work, removed more code… Guess what? All of my js code was commented out and I still couldn’t fix this error.

OK, fine, I refreshed the page. No more error… Great… but not so great since that’s not my code that caused the issue. Uncommented my code, everything was fine. No error…

It wasn’t so easy after all, but it was fun.

And to write this post, I wanted to upload my very ugly calculator screen capture. Didn’t want to go through photobucket, I decided to mess with ecowebhosting since I got a free year!! Couldn’t figure out how to upload my files without creating a hosting packages. Oh well, I’m not ready to buy a domain yet. I’ll do that later…




You hear it all the time, “Coding is easy.” You see books like “Teach Yourself Python in 24 Hours, “Learn Python in One Day and Learn It Well”, “Learn C++ In A DAY”, etc. To be honest, to just finish reading one of those books would take me at least a few weeks, so how can I learn it in one day?

Coding is hard. Sure, it is easy to remember a few syntax, but to really learn and apply the logic to real apps is hard. Software is full of bugs. If coding is so easy, software should be bug free. Coding is easy if you just grab a few things and put them together, but then it sucks to be the one who debugs your code.

I’ve decided to start a blog to say that “Coding is hard,” at least for me. I want to document my learning journey, including “stupid” mistakes, the up and the down of coding. If you get stuck at something, you know there is at least another person feeling stuck and frustrated.

I’m currently almost half-way through FreeCodeCamp. I thought it may have been too late to start documenting it now, but you know what? Late is better than never!

At the same time, I’m also learning iOS development from Udemy, so I will also document my up and down.